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Nxt Asset Market Capitalization

Market capitalization of all available Nxt assets, calculated with the current price and the asset's market volume. Use the filter dropdown for additional options.

Market Capitalization of all 685 available Assets

Asset # Trades Last 30 Days
Trade Volume
Last Trade
Market Capitalization
in NXT
Market Capitalization
in USD
Market Quantity Trend Chart Last Trade

Market Capitalization Summary

Calculated with all Assets Full Quantity: 1'170'669'615'012'700 NXT 9'089'336'906'542 USD
Excl. Quantity of the Issuer Account: 6'081'588'954'851 NXT 47'218'797'028 USD
Excl. Quantity of the Account with the most Volume: 5'409'233'945'439 NXT 41'998'484'548 USD
Excl. both, the Issuer Account and the most Volume Account: 5'408'804'816'654 NXT 41'995'152'697 USD
Total Trade Volume in the last 24 hours: 181'810 NXT 1'412 USD
Total Trade Volume in the last 30 days: 17'473'734 NXT 135'670 USD
Total Number of Trades: 137'939 Trades

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